About us
We collect and curate data so that you can allocate your time to connecting with clients and making decisions.

What we do

Periodikal serves today’s accounting professionals.

Periodikal is the tool that enables you to know what’s going on with your clients before they do. We gather and process the data to your needs, so you’ll have the information you need on your fingertips. We help drive today’s business with a new generation of solutions to manage everything from money to people.

Our platform provides daily updated insights so you can make fast, informed decisions anytime and anywhere. We support our accounting professionals for life by offering choice, support, expertise and innovation. We champion your causes and provide world-class advice and support when you need it most.

Software and solutions

Simplify Your Workflow:

  • All financials in one place

  • Less switching between companies, more time for strategic guidance.

Stay Ahead of Issues:

  • Proactive alerts keep you in control and maintain client trust.

Visualize Performance:

  • Send engaging graphs of company performance.

  • Impress clients with clear, impactful insights.

Tailor Alerts to Your Needs:

  • Set thresholds and receive alerts on your terms.

Unlock Comparative Analysis:

  • Create peer groups to compare similar companies.

Uncover Deeper Insights:

  • Dive into a detailed view of each company's performance.

  • Discover hidden opportunities and mitigate risks.

Custom KPIs for Client Engagement:

  • Keep clients informed about their company's progress.

  • Showcase their success and demonstrate your value.


  • seamlessly connects with QuickBooks Online. We are working on integration with other software (i.e. Xero, FreshBooks, etc.)

Periodikal: Empowering Your Advisory Success

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Envision a world where taking informative decisions is routine. Easily accessible and readily digestible insights enabling us to build a better future.
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